The Face in Amber

Book I in The Eye of the Stallion Series

Face of Amber Book Cover

Sonoria seems destined for a simple life until she discovers she is a mere slave, caring for the horses that will go to her distant masters. When she finds that her singing charms the wild stallion Spiritus, she also meets a mysterious eccentric stranger who hints that Sonoria’s greater destiny lies elsewhere. But she cannot guess that her own wild, rebellious nature and her denial of her eternal love for the dark and dangerous Dag-gar will threaten to tear apart the very fabric of Time.

The Face in Amber is a complex adventure following the coming-of-age of a young woman, as she discovers and learns to trust the strengths within herself. Her growth threatens a decadent and increasingly violent culture, and begins the long, difficult process of reuniting the peoples of her entire world – and perhaps beyond.

The Face in Amber – Book Excerpt

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