A Drop of Wizard’s Blood – Book Excerpt

Book III in The Eye of the Stallion Series is “A Drop of Wizard’s Blood”. Author Douglas Arvidson sets the stage for what’s to come in this audio introduction:


A Drop of Wizard's Blood has won multiple awards.A whispering: Dag-gar is dead.

The air is cold on his skin and there is the sound of wind howling across a desert and there is darkness; though his eyes are open, all is darkness. He tries to call out but there is no voice inside him; there is nothing inside him. He listens.

Again the whispering: Dag-gar is dead, the arrow through his heart, his blood soaks the Earth, his breath is gone from him, taken by the wind. Yet his spirit listens even now, as we speak.

Then there is light, the flickering light of a fire, a fire without heat. Shadows move across the flames and still the desert wind is on his body but there is no voice inside him. He watches and he listens, watches the shadows on the flames and listens to the whispering and to the wind: Dag-gar is dead. So what is to be done then?

The whispering answers itself: He is wrapped now in the cold shroud of Time. It is over. He will lie forever in Eternity’s bitter ice. But Time’s song still must be sung—sung by the man called Dag-gar lying dead even as his eternal lover weeps over him.

The flames rise and spread and he sees the shadows on the flames moving and he hears crying, a sobbing, coming from among the flame-shadows and again the whispering: Shall Time then suffer to birth him again, this Dag-gar? For if Time’s song must be sung by him, he must be again birthed from Time’s shroud-womb, his voice must be returned to him, his blood taken back from the Earth, and his breath returned from the wind.

Aye, aye, aye, all this must be done, Dag-gar the child must be birthed again unto the world to sing Time’s song. And what is Time’s song but the Song of Love and he will learn it if he sings it.

But he will be followed through life by Time’s ugly stepchild. Aye, yes, followed by the Dark Vagabond. Beware and be wary, Dag-gar, beware and be wary.

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