The Eye of the Stallion: A Fantasy Series

This is Book I of The Eye of the Stallion Fantasy Series. When Sonoria, a gifted, impetuous and defiant young woman and a tamer of wild horses, learns she is a slave to a brutal “master” race, she joins a band of young barbarians and escapes the beautiful high valley where she lives. She is soon to learn, however, that escaping her masters is not enough: she is also a prisoner of her eternal love for dangerous young man name Dag-gar and destroying this love will tear apart the very fabric of Time and the Universe.

Book III of the Eye of the Stallion Fantasy Series: Captain Sorrow, the monstrous Time Vagabond, takes possession of Dag-gar’s soul while the tale of the fate of his love for Sonoria and the fate of Time and the Universe itself is spun out in Sonoria’s dreams.

Book II of The Eye of the Stallion Fantasy Series: The end of Sonoria and Dag-gar’s eternal love unleashes a monstrous evil on the World. The Oracule kills because there is life. His hord, a seemingly infinite army of ruthless mounted warriors, sweeps across the land offering no mercy to those it conquers