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Long, Cold Winters Well Spent: Three Novels Joined by One Idea 

Black Bird on a Joe-Pye Weed,

Saint Fiona of the Kitchen,



The Theme of a Trilogy

Powerful women determined that their families will survive the emotional and physical devastation of war is the theme of this trilogy set in rural New England in the 1920’s through the 1970’s.  In Saint Fiona of the Kitchen, Fiona Finney McIntyre is an Irish-American matriarch who moves her family from Boston to a farm in the remote Berkshire hills of western Massachusetts in the mistaken hope that she will be able to hide her son from having to serve in World War II. With the financial support of a rich Boston dowager, she also manages to get her gifted daughter enrolled at a prestigious women’s college. But Fiona dreams did not consider young lust and the ageless and tragic male drive to go to war.

In Book II, Red-Winged Black Bird on a Joe-Pye Weed, Fiona’s daughter, Maggie, a country nurse and midwife, tends to the medical and maternity needs of the rural poor while raising the son of the man she will always love, a man traumatized by his experiences fighting in the Pacific and who marries and brings home a multiracial woman from the island of Guam.

In Book III, Lacey, a woman raises her  four illegitimate, fatherless children haunted by the specter of the endless war.