A Drop of Wizard’s Blood

Book III in The Eye of the Stallion Series

Award-Winning book for young adult readers, "A Drop of Wizard's Blood" by Douglas Arvidson.A whispering: Dag-gar is dead.

The air is cold on his skin and there is the sound of wind howling across a desert and there is darkness; though his eyes are open, all is darkness. He tries to call out but there is no voice inside him; there is nothing inside him. He listens…

A Drop of Wizard’s Blood
Time Drifters Sonoria and Dag-gar battle the Time Vagabond to save Dag-gar’s father.

Who comprehends Time’s swirling, twirling, whirly gigs?
Neither the phantoms of dark regions, nor the tides of reason.
Nay, only the Goddess.

Who apprehends the Time Vagabond’s ways?
Neither I, nor you, my dearest.
Listen at your peril to his wicked euphony.

A Drop of Wizard’s Blood – Book Excerpt

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